Dear I-Can Visitor:

It comes with great sadness to announce that our founder, J.D. Howard, passed Saturday, February 25th, 2023. 
Unfortunately, all diminished value report services will be discontinued until further notice. 
We appreciate your interest and sincerely thank you for all of your support over the years.

John Dennis Howard
June 6, 1945 ~ February 25, 2023

~ Empowering Insurance Consumers Nationwide ~

Recovery Guarantee

  • IF your vehicle meets the “Assumptions” and “Limitations” specified in our Free Diminished Value Estimate . . .
  • IF you follow our “Negotiation Coaching” recovery recommendations . . .
  • IF you fail to recover at least Twice the appraisal fee you paid us . . .

We will Refund your Appraisal Fee !


This “Recovery Guarantee” benefit does Not apply in the States of . . .
California, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York or Tennessee   

    This "Fee Refund" benefit does Not apply if Insurance Policy Coverage Limitations, Terms or Conditions preclude recovery !  

Expires at Your State's Statute of Limitations ! 

Recovery Guarantee benefit provided for vehicles within "Certified Pre-Owned" resale eligibility criteria !  

For Direct Retail Liability Coverage (3rd Party) Consumer's Claims Only !


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