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Inherent Diminished Value Reports Direct from . . . iCan

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The Post-Repair Residual Diminished Value Report you are ordering, will reflect the considered professional opinions of J. D. Howard … backed by Verifiable Independent Authority … and comes with follow-up Tech Support to assist in collection efforts.

Consumers are encouraged to order their Residual Diminished Value Report early in the Vehicle Damage Claim process.  We can hold our Formal Report in abeyance until repairs have been completed.  In the meantime, our early Tech Support can help avoid or resolve some of the more common Vehicle Damage Claim problems.

Note: Once we each receive confirmation of your payment, you will receive email, walking you thru the next two [2] steps in our File Set-up process.  

Cost of the Report: $250.00

There are two ways to order your Inherent Diminished Value Report direct from “iCan”:

Use this Secured Credit Card Processing page to pay for your report. You will then be able to submit the information necessary for iCan to custom tailor your Inherent Diminished Value Report.

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  • The total amount deducted from your card will be $250.00.

Gather All Copies of your vehicle’s repair appraisals (including supplements), as well as the final itemized repair order from the repair facility (assuming repairs have been made) and mail them to us, along with your check of $250.00 (payable to iCan). Include your name, address and phone number(s).
Projected turn around time . . . 7-10 days.

Our mailing address is . . .

iCan / the Howard Family
1085 South Red Cedar Avenue
Springfield, MO 65802
417-831-6133 (Office)
417-832-1949 (Fax)

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