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Today's auto accident victim is becoming more aware.   They realize their car has lost value now that it has an accident history.  Many attorneys decline to become involved in a Diminished Value claim.  However, the vehicle owner does  not  have to leave Diminished Value money on the table.  There is a reasonable solution to  close  that  service  gap. 

  • As an experienced claims adjuster / appraiser / trainer … our persuasive reports  stand  up  to  challenge.
  • As trained paralegals … we preserve the integrity of a  Personal  Injury  case.

Solution . . .

We provide our Post-Repair Residual Diminished Value report to either the vehicle owner .. or .. their attorney (or both) as may be instructed … Each report is 12-13 pages in length … Each report includes a Two [2] page notarized Affidavit in support of our Diminished Value findings ... (for admissibility).

We provide negotiation “Coaching” to the vehicle owner ... or ... the attorney’s office ... (as may be preferred).

IF the vehicle owner has a companion Personal Injury claim, arising from the same cause of action, we recommend the attorney include the Diminished Value assessment in their settlement negotiations.   IF a reasonable Personal Injury settlement can be achieved, pre-judgment, Without consideration for Diminished Value, we ask the settlement document be noted “Diminished Value Claim Open”.

IF the vehicle owner does Not have (or no longer has) a companion Personal Injury claim, we are prepared to “Coach” the vehicle owner thru the negotiation process and, if necessary, Pro Se litigation in a Small Claims Court environment ... (assuming the statute of limitations has not run).

The above  “Solution”  works well for both attorneys ... and ... their clients.

  • Consider ordering a  FREE  Diminished  Value  Estimate  to gauge viability for your clients.

NOTE:  Multiple jurisdictions have allowed J.D. Howard to testify remotely, via Telephone and/or ZOOM, based upon the rights afforded him under the  "Americans  with  Disabilities  Act".   He has been dealing with challenges of a condition known as Post-Polio Syndrome.   He is now a paraplegic. 

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