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Included in Basic $250.00 Fee

  • Our 10-13 Page Report will be Provided as a pdf attachment via e-mail … OR … A Hard Copy version may be provided via USPS “Priority” Mail, if you prefer.
  • A "Sample" Cover Letter will be provided to you as an eMail attachment.
  • YOU down load the "Sample" Cover Letter - Tweak the Hi-Lited portions to reflect your specifics - Print, Sign and include the Cover Letter with our Appraisal Report - Send to the at-Fault insurance company via "Certified Mail" ... (or scan into your own pdf and send via eMail).
  • Insurance Company will take some form of adversarial position - Tell the insurance company to put their position (whatever it may be) IN WRITING (as they are required to do) - When you get that written reply, forward it to us – We will Coach You through the negotiation process.
  • We will provide to you (via e-mail) an Appropriate Response you can send back to the insurance company.
  • According to our feed back, 93% of our clients find they can negotiate (with our assistance) a reasonable settlement within 2-3 negotiation exchanges.
  • We do Not rely on "Comp"(Comparable Vehicle) ads in the calculation of our Diminished Value assessments.   Such ads are notoriously unreliable and easily manipulated.  The insurance industry encourages the use of  "Loss Leader"  or  "Curb Stoner"  vehicle ads in an effort to  Drive  Down  the pre-damage values of claimant's vehicles and impose  Formula "17c"  settlements.   We choose to utilize Nationally Recognized (verified)) values as published by the National Auto Dealers Association to define the pre-damage values of our client's vehicles ... Effective as of the Date-of-Loss ... N.A.D.A. values are gleaned from actual Dealer purchase / sales transactions. 
  • About 7% of our clients encounter a less - than - ethical insurance company that will "Stone-wall" any Diminished Value Claim - In such cases, it may become necessary to sue the at-Fault Party (Not their insurance company) in Small Claims ("Judge Judy" style) Court - We can help you through that process as well ... (additional fee applies).

If your vehicle has NO prior damage history … and … You Follow our Recommended Procedures to Recover your Diminished Value ... But fail to Collect at least DOUBLE the cost of our report, we will Refund the cost of our report … (refer to our FREE Diminished Value “Estimate” for further clarification).

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